33 Liberty St.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
(NYLPC Landmark & National Register)


Status: Not Affected*

Federal Reserve Bank of New York is located on 33 Liberty St., near Nassau St. and Maiden Lane. (ca. 1919 - 1924). Architects: York & Sawyer.

"This is a great neo-Renaissance building of rusticated Indiana limestone, Ohio sandstone, and elegant ironwork." The massive walls in two colors symbolize the strength of the Federal Reserve. Iron detail is by Samuel Yellin of Philadelphis.

The Federal Reserve Bank is known throughout the world for its storage of billions of dollars in monetary funds confined within its interior. It contains the world's largest stockpile of gold. The gold mostly belongs to other countries that are looking for a safe heaven to store their gold. The Bank also conducts the U.S government Open market operations (buying and selling of U.S securities).

Sources: A.I.A Guide To New York City, 4th ed., and Guide to New York City Landmarks (Andrew S. Dolkart).




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