St. George

Staten Island,
New York

The United States Coast Guard Station
formerly the U.S. Light-House Service
Third District, Staten Island Depot
1 Bay Street, St. George

This is the site five buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, along with the underground oil vaults behind these buildings. The Administration Building which is in the center of the three pictured structures is also a designated New York City Landmark.

The U.S. Coast Guard Station Administration Building is a boldly detailed granite and red brick office building (now painted)and one of the few surviving examples of the French Second Empire buildings designed by Alfred B. Mullett during his tenure as supervising architect of the Treasury. The Staten Island lighthouse depot complex was established for the storage of materials destined for East Coast lighthouses and as an experimental station for the testing of new materials and methods of lighthouse operation. The office building was constructed, beginning in 1868, as a fireproof facility for the storage of the depot's records. The Coast Guard moved to Governors Island in 1966 and the historic buildings on site are now vacant.

The Coast Guard Station has been selected as the site of the National Lighthouse Center and Museum.

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