Save the Cottages and Garden

Located at 78th Street Between Lexington and Third New York, New York



The Cottages and Gardenat 78th Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan is an astonishing, historically significant site that deserves to be preserved.

The New York Times called it "one of the great multiple dwellings in the city..." and in a later article about the adjoining 7,000 square foot garden, "...a delightful amenity...a gracious touch in a city where public and private rarely mix." Singled out and praised since it was built in 1937, this site has never had a designation hearing or public scrutiny and is now endangered.

This site is being threatened and must be calendared immediately by the Landmarks Commission if we are to have a chance to preserve a beautiful and architecturally unique answer to 1930's New York!!

See The Dolkart Report on The Cottages.

The Cottages and Garden preservation effort will sponsor a PUBLIC RALLY Sunday, April 5, 1998, at 1pm (no rain date) to demostrate the community's strong support in Saving the Cottages and Garden at 78th Street and 3rd Avenue. The place to meet and rally is in front of First Wok, northeast corner of 78th Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. Tell your friends and neighbors. Bring your friends and neighbors. Banners and placards encourages. Any questions please call Bill Brennan at 212-272-6728 or Deborah Valcourt at 212-698-7186 or email

If you wish to contribute, please mail your tax-deductible gift to:
Save the Cottages and Garden
P.O. Box 278
Lenox Hill Station
New York, N.Y. 10021

Your contribution greatly helps our efforts in preserving the Cottages and Garden. Please make checks payable to: "The Association of Neighbors on the Upper East Side". In the memo section indicate: "Save the Cottages and Garden"

Save the Cottages and Garden
P.O. Box 278
Lenox Hill Station
New York, N.Y. 10021

Please contact our elected representatives and let them know you are grateful for their support but need to ask them to take it a step further. Ask Senator Goodman, Assemblyman Ravitz, and Councilman Eristoff to intercede with Mayor Giuliani to have Chairman Raab calendar the site for a public hearing. Let them know you share our concern and that you support them going to the Mayor.

Please let our other elected officials know you are grateful for their continued support and attention to this important landmark site.

Congresswoman Maloney
Borough President Messinger
Assemblyman Grannis
Councilman Miller
Senator D'Amato
Senator Moynihan
Public Advocate Green

For more information, please call Bill Brennan (212-272-6728) Judith Churchill (212-772-7811), Myron Scheinberg (212-988-1362) or Deborah Valcourt (212- 698-7186).

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last revised April 4 1998