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What Others Say About Us

"Extra! Extra!...While Preserve & Protect reflects the rolled-up-sleeves activist attitude with its crisis alerts, news bulletins, meeting announcements, and events calendar, the Web site also incorporates the aesthetics of preservation with an on-line tour of historic houses and a photo album of 19th-century New York Harbor."

-- "A Sense of Cyberplace" by Don Oldenburg, Preservation,
the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation,
March/April 1997

"The beautifully assembled Web site includes photos and animation from nonprofit groups like Friends of Terra Cotta and Historic Districts Council."

NetGuide's Best of the Web, Gold Star Site (4 stars)

NetGuide Gold Site
". . .a rarity on the Web: the medium's own technology seems to drop away, leaving only the content, in this case a link to the city's past. Moving through the site brings a clear sense of a community united to save some of the area's heritage, with lobbying efforts, meeting announcements, links to preservation societies, and an on-line tour of historic homes...."

-- "Digital Metropolis: Webbing Around the Block and Down the Hall"
by Tom Watson & Jason Chervokas, New York Times - CyberTimes,
May 13, 1996

"In a medium constantly searching to showcase what is new and innovative, one group has found a repository for the old and a means for energizing New York neighborhoods."

-- "Saving The City's Past--and Future"
by Marina Lakhman, @NY

"There are no cobblestones on the World Wide Web, where nearly everything has been created within the life span of a toddler. And yet, if you know where to look, you can find old New York amid the silicon and turn your PC into a time machine."

-- "Digital Metropolis: 350 Years of New York History"
by Tom Watson & Jason Chervokas, New York Times - CyberTimes,
July 15, 1996


revised February 23, 1997
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