Preserve & Protect Needs Your Help!

Preserve & Protect must match the grant it received from New York State Council on the Arts by the end of June 1999 in order to receive the funds. We need your help!

Preserve & Protect has been in existence since May, 1996, and already has quite a record of success! We currently sponsor the web pages of sixteen historic preservation related organizations. We have a number of groups waiting to go on-line. But now we need your help!

The increase in our traffic means additional costs. Therefore we are asking for contributions to support Preserve & Protect in 1999. Aside from our base cost for web space with a service providers, there will be additional charges for extra megabytes of storage space and additional charges for additional hits or visits. We would also like to raise funds to pay for some new and innovative projects. There have been many projects that we just haven't been able to get to because of the increasing demands. We hope to have enough funds to pay for students to do photography, design and programming.

Contributions to Preserve & Protect are tax deductible.


Yes, I want to help keep Preserve & Protect on the World Wide Web.

Here is my contribution of:

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Name: __________________________________________________________________
Organization (if Applicable):________________________________________________
Address:____________________________ City, State & Zip: _____________________
Phone:________________________ e-mail:____________________________________

Make Checks Payable to Preserve & Protect, Inc. and send to:

Preserve & Protect, Inc.
c/o Goldfarb & Abrandt
200 Park Ave. South
New York, NY 10003

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This page last revised April 20 1999
by David Goldfarb